About Christine Sutherland

christine sutherlandChristine Sutherland is currently conducting massage workshops around the world – specializing in teaching others how to massage Life’s Arrivals and Departures. She has taught in over 15 countries, with her most recent being South Africa. Her passion for baby massage and palliative massage is contagious. Her classes are sell-out events because she makes them both fun and informative.

Christine is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor. She is the co-founder of the Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto, Ontario, and the Director of the Canadian Institute of Palliative Massage. Christine is a keynote speaker with the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association as well as the Palliative Convention in Montreal every year.

Her film career  began in 1970 working on a documentary crew for the West Kooteany Ecological Study with Selkirk College. She continued with the Nelson School District, developing “Learning Packages” for the area, until going to Massage School in Toronto in 1974. Her production company, Sutherland Massage Productions, has produced an educational series of how-to videos and DVDs on massage topics ranging from People to Pets. Christine studied at the Gulf Island of Film and Television School in 2000, the Vancouver Film School in 2001 and the Langara Film Program in 2005. Her mentor in Canadian documentary is Nettie Wilde and Bill Heath. In the 2007 International Digital Film Program with Selkirk College, Christine produced her documentary Rimpoche Rub as part of her “Mountain Massage” Film Project for submission to the Banff Mountain Film 2008 Competition. She also completed her short film about Ed Natyshak, Keep Moving Forward, seen across Canada in the Moving Pictures film festival.

She has a teaching video on Musical Massage from her recent tour with Canadian performer Loreena McKennitt. Her most passionate project in development is a film about Food Obsession called It’s Not About Food. This film was started in the Selkirk College Film Program and is due to complete in 2008.