A Different Way to Live, A Better Way to Die

The Art of Palliative Massage

People are all going to die; this is the great equalizer in this life. How we die is something that we can all contribute to. The television show, A Different Way To Die will provide people with options easily attainable in their own community.

Christine Sutherland will build massage teams with friends, family and volunteers to be hands-on during the final stages of their loved one’s life. She will show many techniques to help with breathing, digestion, and most importantly, keeping the skin intact to prevent pressure sores.

Palliative massage is not a difficult skill to learn, and it will be demonstrated and explained in its simplest form throughout the film, along with real-life tutorials and follow-up. The lives of those dying will be recorded with a strong code of ethics, so as not to compromise the patient or family members.

Families and team members will be taught all aspects of palliative massage, from wheelchair massage to hydrotherapy. The massage mandate is daily treatments: two to three times a day for full body massage and numerous short foot massages. The frequency of massage will be indicated by the condition and availability of volunteers, as well as the wishes of the patient, if still verbal.

This television show will be done in a workshop format, with Christine’s team selecting candidates across Canada to learn palliative massage. She will provide the formula for making the team work, showing how to keep a log book and how to document the work with digital cameras and DVD high-def recorders.
The teams will have an initial workshop that will be filmed and then edited, to help those joining a team in the future. They will be taught how to use the cameras, record their work, and show new team members how to do palliative massage. The concept of “passing it on” will be the central focus of this show.

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