Mountain Massage

Christine’s love of massage takes her to the edges of competitive mountain sports. She can be found at the top of a mountain teaching her fellow back-packers how to rub the right way! Or she can be found giving mountain massages and teaching her fellow athletes massage techniques at the hot springs after a long day on the ski hill or a hard day of climbing. Mountain pathologies like muscle strains and sprains, and impact injuries from discolations to spinal cord paralyses all heal more quickly with hands-on Mountain Massage.

In this series, Christine will introduce massage techniques for all mountain sports and activities, the prevention of injury and methods of rehabilitation. She will look at each activity separately focusing on the appropriate massage for the individual sport, such as hiking, paddling, skiing and snowboarding, climbing and bouldering, and mountain biking.

This television series will be filmed primarily in the mountains, reaching Canadians off all ages and all mountain activities from coast to coast.