The Magic of Massage

Hands On with Christine Sutherland

This entertaining, up beat, fast moving program can be designed for two different formats. Most importantly, each will have a Sutherland Style interactive viewer component.

The magazine style makeover format weaves personal stories into the overall season. We will witness individuals changing with massage as the medium. This format will combine different topics into each show with a continuity of characters throughout the season.

Single topic programming, with one topic for each show is another viable delivery of Hands On. This format would still have the interactive component of viewer participation at the end of each half hour, as the credits are rolling

Single topic programming

  • The Saturday Night Date
  • The Neighborhood Rub
  • Touching the Untouchables
  • Musical Massage
  • Mountain Massage
  • Dad’s Baby Massage
  • Sensuous Seniors
  • Pet Your Pet
  • Guerrilla Office Massage
  • Global Massage
  • Life’s Arrivals/Labour & Delivery/Pregnancy & Baby
  • Life’s Departures
  • Domestic Success
  • Detox Massage

Detox massage promotes detoxification withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, coffee, sugar, or compulsive overeating allowing the vital organs, especially the liver, kidneys and skin to replenish and revitalize. This simultaneously soothes and stimulates the nervous system, bringing the person into a positive balance through the healing power of touch.

The Saturday Night Date shows young couples how to get their hands on each other in a friendly and affectionate manner. The first date foot massage or shoulder rub is a great way to establish rapport and at the same time have fun. The beach back rub or full body massage are favourites!

The Neighborhood Rub is great for the front porch or the condo lounge. Neighbours pair up to repair those bridge club blues with hands-on hand massages. Neighborhood film night loves the back row shoulder rubs, ideal for those who live alone, senior or younger.

Musical Massage tunes up our best Canadian Musicians for greater performance and faster recovery between shows, featuring back stage and dressing room head neck and shoulder massages to keep those fingers playing with full force.

Mountain Massage heads to the top of the world with mountaineering groups, skiers, and bikers for peak performance. Full Moon mountain massage with music included here!

Dad’s Baby Massage has new-style dads showing moms and grandparents how to get the right bonding. There will be prizes for the best dad instructors. See dad teach mom how to rub the baby the right way. Christine will teach new dads across the country.

Sensuous Seniors are shown massaging life’s aches and pains for each other in longtime marriages, friendships and recycled relationships.

Pet Your Pet shows animal enthusiasts how to massage all pets from Hamsters to Horses.

Guerilla Office Massage gives office workers on site help across the country in surprise visits gifted by the boss for mousitis and computeritis in large urban centers and small hardworking towns.

Global Massage takes the hands on message to countries where traditional drugless medicines are complimented with Christine’s massage for midwives, farmers and hospice workers.

Life’s Arrivals with Labour and Delivery Massage for women and their hard working partners is shown at home and hospital.

Life’s Departures with Palliative Massage for terminally ill people and their families includes wheelchair massage for chronic conditions such as MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis.

Domestic Success enhances the hands on relationship of those couples needing marriage enrichment with massage for greater sensuality and practicality.

Massage Make-Overs

Jennifer Cowan

  • Business Office Supply Store Owner
  • President of Local Rotary Club

Jennifer is seen getting her new puppy massaged at her office while Christine is busy teaching the rest of the staff to rub each other the right way!

As a single woman Jennifer learns to massage the most attractive bachelors in Nelson with Christine’s help. She learns the skills of sports massage to go with her triathalon training program, losing weight and gaining strength and self esteem.

Kevin Einarson

  • Manager of local radio station
  • Husband and father of two daughters
  • Diabetic

Kevin learns to massage his wife and daughters in the following the family part of the Hands On show. Kevin loses weight and gains confidence to massage his wife and kids. They learn to massage him in return. The Father’s day special where Kevin gets the royal hands on treatment is fun and easy for any family to mimic. Watch this family apply the massage make over around the neighbourhood!


  • The Buddhist Leader
  • International Activist

Rinpoche encourages his students to get massages by learning to massage each other during their retreats and long hours of sitting in meditative poses. Join Christine as she teaches the ashram to attain a new state of enlightenment through hands on healing.