Prenatal, Postnatal & Infant Massage

This course will cover the massage techniques for labour/delivery and baby massage. It will laso provide massage experience with C-sections, unusual deliveries, and babies with special needs. Opportunities to massage pregnant women will be helpful. The DVD’s for pregnancy massage in the English language will be available for students.

The Canadian Institute of Baby Massage Instructor Training Program

Labour, Delivery and Infant Massage Professional Instructor Training Includes:

  • Teaching Labour & Delivery Massage*
  • Advanced Pregnancy Massage*
  • Hospital and Home Delivery Comparisons*
  • Clinical Outreach Home-Calls
  • Teaching Pregnant Couple Tutorials*
  • Water Birth Massage*
  • Watsu Pool Therapy (Location Specific)
  • Training Sessions for Teaching Prenatal/Postnatal groups*
  • Postpartum Massage/Breast Massage for nursing complaints*
  • Special Delivery Massage

*These topics will be offered in both the 2 and 3-day workshops.

Instruction in each course component may be taken individually or in conjunction with the other course components.

These courses qualify for Continuing Education Credits for Registered Massage Therapists.

Professional Certificates Offered:

  • Baby Massage Instructor, 1 1/2 -day workshop
  • Pregnancy Massage Instructor, 2-day workshop
  • Labour & Delivery Massage Instructor, 3-day workshop