Instructional Videos

Pet Your Pet – Dog Massage

Rub your pooch the right way! This 30 minute video segment from Christine’s ‘Pet Your Pet’ series shows you how easy it is to help your dog maintain a healthy body through the use of basic massage techniques for everyday…

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Pregnancy Massage for Couples

Tutorial starting with legs — massaging nine month pregnancy moving to arm massages. Pregnant Abdominal massage is accomplished by breast massage with water therapy and towel wrap for mastitis and postpartum conditions. Side-lying massage postures demonstrate labour and delivery massage…

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Wheelchair Massage

Christine Sutherland and Barbara Turnbull teach full-body, clothes on, wheelchair massage. Features: Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage Arms & Hands Massage Legs & Feet Massage Modified Back Massage In Chair Face & Scalp Massage Running Time – 60 minutes $20.00…

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