Sutherland Productions

Sutherland Productions is continuously developing new projects aimed at increasing the quality of life and health, as well as challenging how we view our bodies . Sutherland Productions is synonymous with passion and commitment in a professional and innovative manner, always effervescent with humor.

These unique experiences have created in Christine a compelling force of compassion that cannot be denied; she feels a tremendous privilege and personally vital necessity in sharing these stories with the world.

Christine’s producing relationships include Sonja Ruebsaat of Beatroute Productions, and Bill Heath, award winning outdoor filmmaker. They have also included Howard Fraiberg of Proximity Films, Sheila Richardson of EqualiTV, Rudy Buttingol of TV Ontario and Knowledge TV, Broadband TV of Vancouver, Will Anielewicz of WACS Productions, Anne Pick of Reel To Reel Productions, Nena Beveridge, of Bee Vision Productions, Bongo Kolyczius of Bongo Video Inc., Chris Bruyere & Mary Bissell of Mystique Films and Nettie Wilde of Canada Wilde Productions, and Morgan Boardman of Kaiyoti Film’s in Los Angeles.