Sutherland Productions is continuously developing new projects aimed at increasing the quality of life and health, as well as challenging how we view our bodies.

Christine’s love of massage constantly takes her to new areas and through unique experiences, and she feels a responsibility to share these stories with the world. She has been a documentary filmmaker for decades and is inspired to share everything she has learned in her thirty-five years of experience teaching the power of touch!

Dream Big: Fort St. John to Tokyo

“I believe that anything is possible,” says Bo Hedges, from Dead Horse Creek Ranch, just north of Fort St John. Bo has always believed he was capable of great achievements. This documentary film will be a story about Bo, his family, his hometown of Fort St John, and how the community came together to support their star Paralympic Athlete. It will show many of the ways that Bo’s commitment to his sport has been supported by his hometown, resulting in Bo becoming a nationally competitive wheelchair basketball player. In return, his commitment to Fort St John is evident, and the film will capture that part of the story.

This documentary will show Bo as an extraordinary, influential person in the international Paralympic community. It will show this top-tier Paralympic Athlete in his role as Captain of Canada’s Paralympic Basketball team as he leads the team through the challenges and chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bo’s story has medical significance, as well as the more obvious themes of community leadership and the enduring culture of inclusive sport. On a personal level, the film will show how Bo’s leadership kept the team trained, focused and optimistic about its performance in Tokyo, and beyond.


Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a project that brings generations together through the art of massage by having youth massage seniors in hospitals and chronic care facilities in places like Fort St. John, B.C. 

Christine has been involved in this project from the beginning of her career where it was originally called “Take A Skeleton To Lunch”. She used to buy an assortment of animal organs from Kensington Market and put them in her model skeleton in a stroller. It encouraged the Sutherland Chan students to teach to learn and learn to teach.

Massage Minutes

This series was created specifically for YouTube to help teach the world massage in only a  few minutes! Christine demonstrates some easy strokes that anyone can follow at home for a wide range of applications. Learn techniques for sports recovery, fixing sore necks from office jobs, and helping with pregnancy and birthing.

Our channel is home to hundreds of free videos teaching you how to massage and covering topics ranging from birth massage, palliative care, and pet massage. Whether it’s a quick Massage Minutes tutorial or an in-depth video on pregnancy massage, there’s something for everyone. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any videos!

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