Christine is determined to change the world one massage tutorial at a time with her strategy of Teach to Learn and Learn to Teach. She’s taught across the globe, leading classes in South Africa, Haiti, China, and all over North America covering everything from Maternity to Palliative Massage.

Christine believes that infant and baby massage increases family bonding and that touch is our strongest sense of communication. Bringing up children in an atmosphere of positive tactility can start immediately with newborns in the delivery room, nursing infants, and active toddlers.

Her techniques are founded on more than forty years of experience teaching families with children of special needs and varied abilities. Her youngest student was 3 years old and learned to massage her baby brother and her oldest student was 90 years young, massaging her great, great, grandson!

Christine teaching a group of students in South Africa
Christine and her patient smile during a massage in the hospital

Christine Sutherland hopes to put massage skills in the hands of everybody who wants to learn to be hands-on with their friends and loved ones who are dying. Her passion to promote palliative massage is contagious and empowering to all end-of-life medical professionals for pain management and peaceful parting.

Christine teaches effective, safe massage techniques for the chronically ill, disabled, terminally ill, and those with spinal cord injuries. She’s worked in the wheelchair world for several decades and teaches wheelchair massage to families and medical professionals globally, with a special focus on rehabilitation and enhanced wheelchair sports performance.

During the pandemic, Christine has started teaching online through Zoom and fell in love with being able to reach anyone, anywhere in the world. Giving an opportunity for education to people who may not have access otherwise is very important to her and she’s excited to offer more Zoom classes in the near future! Her motto for this decade is “Learn to teach, and teach to learn”. This applies to people of all ages and backgrounds, from two-year-old Jupiter to ninety-year-old Frank!

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Older man learning massage through zoom
“Christine was such an important part of our maternity journey, from prenatal care to teaching us how to massage our wee one in the early years. Massage is still part of our family routine, years later. Christine is a patient and enthusiastic teacher… and now a great friend.”
“Christine is a patient and experienced professional, who recognizes the power and reach of placing her knowledge in the platform of film. She marries the expediency of film to help more people, while at the same time offering unparalleled hours of her time to support her teachings and walk the unstudied student through the information to complement her teachings. From an everyday household learning to support their loved one through birth or death or illness, to the new student, she guides them all with encompassing knowledge, practice, patience, and joy. “
“I have taken several courses in massage from Christine Sutherland and she is an excellent teacher. She works very closely with each student to ensure that they fully understand the technique that they are learning. Christine brings decades of experience to her work in massage which she has done and taught across Canada and around the world. The Dying in Good Hands course is a good educational resource, not only for massage but also for anyone involved with the dying of a relative or acquaintance.”

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