Summer Instructors Hazel and Holly

Summer Instructors Hazel and Holly

Join Christine and her team this summer for


Pregnancy, Labour &Delivery, Baby Massage.
JULY 7 to 17, 2015

These courses provide massage fraining for Doulas, Midwives, Massage Therapists, Early Childhood Development Workers, Daycare Workers & Medical Pros!

Christine Sutherland helped to deliver her first home delivery over thirty years ago. During this training program for instructors in pregnancy, labour & delivery and baby massage she will be teaching with her most recent home and hospital delivered newborns and their parents! Experience traditional and contemporary!

Grandbaby Massage and Dads Only Massage classes will be featured as part of this training program. Participants will prepare their PR packages for teaching and graduate with their own teaching film. There is an oral and practical examination for certification.


(Prenatal/Postnatal Massage $249)
Accommodation Available

Please apply to:

Selkirk College, Rosemont Campus,
Nelson, BC:
250 352 6601


Palliative Massage Training


July 17th to 24th : Basic Training For the General Public, Hospice Workers and Families
July 24th to 26th : RMT/Medical Pros Intensive 21Credits Approved
July 17th to 26th: Instructor Training


Designed for hospice volunteers, health professionals, caregivers, massage therapists, volunteers, family and friends
• Effective, safe massage & hydrotherapy for the chronically ill, disabled, terminally ill, and those with spinal cord injuries
• Proven techniques for at home. institutions, in bed or wheelchair
• Enhancement of circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems
• On-site clinical practicums conducted in the Nelson community
• Teach/Tutorial student practicums included for public education

Registration Information:

Registration fees (non refundable):
$150 Non-refundable Deposit
Financing Available
Tuition: $550 Basic One Week
Three day CEUs for RMTs:  $300
*Ten Day Instructor Training:  $800

For More Information Contact:

Christine Sutherland (biography)
The Canadian Institute of Palliative Massage
P.O. Box 707, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. V1L 5R4

Christine Sutherland is making her way to the north. As a registered massage therapist in B.C., Alberta and Ontario, writer, filmmaker, teacher and visionary, she pioneered therapeutic On Site Massage Services in 1975.  Her first clients were City Hall Toronto, Canadian Tire Head Office, Motorola, TV Ontario, Connaught Laboratories, Research Dimensions, Cossette Advertising, Blue Skies Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival and Team Canada (Olympic Hockey Team). Her practice includes Palliative care, Sports excellence, Labour and Delivery, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery, Wheelchair Sports Massage and a variety of projects in pediatric massage from Africa to Alberta!   She is the Director of World Wide Massage Services, Inc.

The Oil and Gas Workplace is Unique

Employees of the Oil & Gas Industry are special people. They work long shifts and live away from home in work camps. The many jobs in front of computers in twelve-hour shifts are physically demanding.  The endurance of this administrative activity is taking its toll on the indoor workforce.  For outdoor staff, the weather conditions are extreme, physically demanding and wear and tear predictable. As well, living away from home is stressful in itself, and employees may not sleep as well, not exercise regularly, and tend not to have time to relax. This on site delivery creates a balance and rehabilitation for repeated strain syndromes found in the camp population whether they are in the culinary teams or the executive staff.

Common job related health issues that therapeutic massage therapy will remediate are:

o    Upper back stress pain
o    Tendonitis
o    Palmar fasciitis
o    Carpal tunnel syndrome
o    Neck pain
o    Lower back stress pain
o    Sciatica
o    Contracted iliotibial band
o    Headaches
o    Hip problems and Lumbago
o    Foot problems of all kinds
o    Generalized feelings of stress and anxiety

This is an innovative pilot project that will develop a protocol for a professional massage therapist to live on-site and be available when employees actually need treatment: immediately after or before a shift; or during the workday on the designated twenty-minute breaks.

For more information on these on site services, contact Christine Sutherland.

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